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Types of Education Technology

Today’s world technology connected to everything and the importance of technology in education becomes a crucial part of the Education Sector. This is because we need to know what types of education technology will be used in the future for the comfort of teaching and learning.

Educational Technology is the effective use of technological tools for learning. Educational technology will develop to keep in mind to improve education or to design the most effective learning environment for students and teaching both.

All the things that are happening in the world of technology are directly impacting education and learning systems. Started of Education from first use of paper and pencil to radio broadcasts. Today educational technology achieves a great change by inventions of computers and the internet.

Technology in the Education sector creates an amazing opportunity for the teachers to use in the classrooms to make teaching and learning more effective. There are various Types of Education Technology.

In the 21st century, we can see the internet is everywhere with the help of internet Educational Information not only we can find in books but we can inform our self with mobile, tablets and computer devices which are connected to the internet.

Technologies use in Education:

1.Online Teaching(Audio and Visual):

Technology allows more active learning with the help of the internet like it can increase engagement through online polling and asking quiz questions on live secessions. Audio and Visual teaching is the best types of Education Technology.

Online Teaching | FutureYan

Audio and Visual technology can provide a stimulating learning environment for students of all ages in a more effective and interesting way. This Audio and Visual technology learn students in two types:
(A) As Recorded videos of lessons
(B) Live classes

The major benefits for learners can playback the video later of the recorded sessions and give review areas they did not understand. This is also helpful for students to learn the lessons from there on place from any part of the globe.

2. Smartboard(Whiteboard):

With the increase of technology students interested to interact with the technologies to understand a better and effective way, they no more interested in book learning, students want something new.

Smartboard | FutureYan

The boards use for teaching were started from a blackboard and now it converted to the whiteboard or we can say smartboard. In smartboard teachers can present their lectures, draw the images by smart touch technology affect the mind of children, and make them interested in the lecture.

Smartboards can also be connected through the internet. Smartboards can review the last written lecture which is not possible in blackboard. At the present time, this technology is one of the best Types of Education Technology.

3. Mobile Learning and Apps:

Mobile devices are small and portable with big advantages. The learners can carry them and access information from anywhere. Educational apps take an important place for learners because it help as E-books on various subjects.

Students can access the information through some clicks. Smartphones has made it possible to have advanced mobile apps. Now students can connect themselves through the internet using mobile phones and mobile learning is easy at everywhere and anytime.

4. Cloud Computing:

More than any other technology Cloud Computing technology unlocked the door of high tech education. It enables information to be stored with the help of cloud servers of the apps.

It made it possible for the learners for educational materials to access from any devices and from anywhere. It also used to give opportunities to students to chat live with their instructors and other classmates.

5. Learning Analytics:

One of the most important things to understand students by analyzing them know there weakness and strong point and the same thing with there own self where they lack and there should improve.

This analytics can be made easier with this digital simulation. Learning data is increasingly becoming important to drive decisions with making procedures easier. Good Analytics create student engagement, traction, and learning output.

6. Learn Digitally, Work Digitally:

Today students not only want to learn with mobile or any devices but they want to work with the learning information to make themselves more comfortable or experience in that field.

Learn Digitally, Work Digitally | FutureYan

With this development of technology, it becomes possible for students can learn and work together as digitally. Practical knowledge carries more value then theory.

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