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Trends in Digital Marketing in 2021

Digital Marketing Start getting fam from last 10 years but after Covid-19 Digital Marketing get more hip because Everyone Locked over their house and the only way to promote your product was through Digital Marketing. Now there are lots of new trends in Digital Marketing.

I’m going to cover the top 16 Trends on Digital Marketing for this year. I’m going to break these 16 top trends into four major categories. The four major categories are going to be:

1. Search:

  • Quora Marketing
  • People Also Ask
  • Vernacular SEO
  • Voice Search
  • Hyper-Local SEO

2. Social:

  • Reels
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Video Content
  • Shoppable Content
  • International Ads
  • Personalized Remarketing


4. Lead Nurturing:

  • Personalized Email Marketing
  • Personalized SMS Marketing
  • Customized Whatsapp Marketing

1. Search as trends in digital marketing:

A. Quora Marketing:

Under search, the first biggest trend is going to be quora marketing. If you realize anything you search on google these days in the top 10 results which are on the first page of google you will always see a quora answer. Now, if you’re a business owner what you should do? Are you should answer that quora answer properly which is in relation to your business and ensure your answer gets uploaded so that when someone goes to google searches something relevant comes across a quora answer clicks on it finds out about your business and then eventually calls you from there. Quora get lead in Digital Marketing Trends.

B. People also Ask:

Google features people also our strategy when you actually go and search and look at the search result page you’ll always see four or five questions. Okay, which are generally related questions to what you have searched on google. Now it’s very important to take these questions and put these questions into the FAQ section of your website like for example if you go to google and you type digital marketing course. You’ll find the people also ask what is the phase of a digital marketing course What is the best place to do a digital marketing course? What are the placements after a digital marketing course? Now, these are automatically generated questions by google under the people also ask section get these questions put them as FAQ on your website and you will see magic via SEO.

People also Ask | futureyan

C. Vernacular SEO:

With the advent of 5G coming in with coronavirus happening literally the world’s population is now online and the thing is that not everybody can speak in English or Spanish or Chinese. This is going to lead to a huge rise of people searching in their own regional vernacular languages. I can totally imagine someone in India in a village going to google and typing you know PET ME DARD HAI KYA KARU so someone’s going to google and typing about their stomach problems in a regional language. Now pharmaceutical company needs to actually be answering that question to actually give their drug to them. So vernacular SEO is going to be at a high this year.

D. Voice Search:

According to research that I read online, 55% of Teenagers in the united states of America do not type anything that they wish to search. They speak to their phones and which is why this trend is now gonna come across the world people are not gonna type while they’re driving they just press the mic and now they’ll have, they’ll ask questions to their phone and the phone’s gonna respond. Voice Search is a powerful tool in Digital Marketing Trends.

Voice Search | futureyan

This basically means that you need to now prepare your website and your business for voice search. So if people search for something VIA their voice your website needs to be answering that.

E. Hyper-Local SEO:

You need to understand that one of google’s biggest tools is Google My Business and you can find businesses via Google maps. Now you even know if the place is busy at 2 P.M, 8 P.M., 10 PM you know which days they are open if you can seek an appointment you can look at their reviews and because of reviews and all these things put together. Your listing of your business on google my business will be considered as the most important way someone can find you via google. This basically means keep your google my business very clean get your reviews always ensure your timings are clearly mentioned on your website, your directions, everything is just perfect on google my business and work very hard on google my business because hyper-local SEO for google is very important which is why for businesses hyper-local SEO needs to be. The key these are my top five prediction trends under the search category for this year in terms of digital marketing.

2. Social as Trends in Digital Marketing


You know, I have genuinely noticed that these days when I’m posting photos on Instagram or I’m posting videos on Instagram. Oh my god, my reach is drastically finished I would say because genuinely I’m not getting any reach if I post or I put up a video and previously. Before Reels came out I would get way more traction on my photos and my videos and my stories. But these days I’ve realized that the Instagram algorithm is only and only pushing out reel content.

REELS | futureyan

So ensure that if you are using Instagram for your business. We gotta be doing reels 15-second video content and 30-second video content is now the need of the hour and that’s all I would recommend you to do on Instagram.

B. YouTube Shots:

You know with every social media platform finding smaller content fewer seconds of content. One-day content, Two-day content, Three-day content youtube is anywhere the biggest platform and in that to make it more interesting and to keep users hooked onto youtube for a longer time youtube short.

YouTube Shots | futureyan

My friends if you’re making content on youtube I think it’s high time that you now start repurposing your content or repurposing your other social media content into youtube shots. I have a feeling that youtube shots are gonna be the biggest thing this year so ensure you really commit yourself to youtube shots this year.

C. Video Content:

In general, all I’m saying is let image content take a backseat this year move everything to videos you want to take an image. Just first forget it move to videos everything is now video content you know with 5G coming in the speed up with videos will be able to play is going to be so smooth. This is why video content is going to be the preferred content across the world. So shut the image option you know cameras now need to only be video cameras I literally mean video cameras so video content every piece of content you create make sure it’s video content.

D. Shoppable Content:

Instagram is now launching shoppable content across the world which means most people what they wear I mean influencers what they wear you can tap on the image and you can see, which brand T-shirt with brand pants, which brand watch everything like this. Right so if you’re an E-commerce brand or if you’re a fashion brand you need to now get into shoppable content. So that you get influencers or celebrities to wear your products and then you can say this brand shirt, this brand jeans, this brand belt, this brand watch but a lot of content on Instagram is now going to be shoppable content. It’s becoming social commerce so if the feature of shoppable content is made available to you in your country on your Instagram get to it ASAP.

E. International Ads:

Now to do corona literally everyone is selling products not from their own offline stores but online. I recommend creating a channel of partners across the world and now start doing social media ads not only in your country but in other countries. Besides yours because genuinely social media ads in third world countries can be at least 95% cheaper than what you are paying in your country. So if you belong to a first world second world country explore social media in third world countries and you might just realize that your ads are now maybe 99% cheaper than what you were paying in your country which is why I highly recommend exploring international social media ads.

F. Personalized Remarketing:

Remarketing was always a key in terms of social media but now especially I think it’s super important for us to do personalized remarketing. This basically means do remarketing to your customer based on the stage of the customer so if you are just promoting your newly launched car do an awareness-based Ad but if someone has interacted with your ad online then the next ad that you should send to them. It may be an ad with a discount and a deadline. If they interact with the second ad show them the third ad of a testimonial of a customer but ensure you do personalize remarketing based on the stage of the customer. This will allow really high conversion rates via social media marketing.

3. Website as Trends in Digital Marketing

A. ChatBots:

I think this is a very important point because a lot of people look at everything else besides their website. Today I want to tell you that this year I think one of the biggest trends is going to be chatbots and I know that chatbots have been there for some time but AI-driven chatbots and genuinely just excellent chatbots have. Many Companies start implementing Chatbots in their websites to go with trends in digital marketing.

Now come into the market most people keep doing, more google ads, more Facebook ads, and more kind of ads, and what they don’t realize is that there’s already so much traffic on your website. The first thing that you need to do is besides doing ads is ensure that the traffic on your website which you already have converted into becoming a lead and that you can do while you’re sleeping and your chatbot can do that on your website for you.

I think one of the biggest things that you need to do this year is if you’re having decent traffic on your website god damn install a chatbot and start collecting leads because whoever comes to your website is a much hotter lead than you doing a google ad or a Facebook ad so invest in chatbots.

B. Pop Ups:

The second thing under the website section which I think is extremely important is Pop-Ups ensure you have customized pop-ups just like I told you about customized remarketing which is remarketing to your customers based on the stage which the customer is reached.

In the buying journey, you can now also absolutely automate your Pop-Ups to show to customers when they come into your website based on the stage that they have reached in the buying cycle. So if it’s a random new customer who enters your website show them a pop-up for something free but of the same customers come the 10th time to your website tell them that if you buy this I’ll give you a 10% discount and if you buy this in the next one hour I’ll give it a discount so have customized pop-ups on your website based on the stage of the customer.

4. Lead Nurturing as trends in digital marketing

Now I told you about, social I told you about, search with both of these you’re going to get people to your website once you get them to your website, use pop-ups and chatbots. Once you get the customer’s name, number, Email ID all I mean is once they become a lead or a qualified potential customer on your website in your database. The next thing you need to do is nurture the lead now under lead nurturing I have three further sub-topics in this.

A. Personalized Email Marketing:

Personalized Email Marketing world email marketing has been there now since donkey’s years but personalized email marketing still works. If you do really good personalized email marketing you can still clock an open rate up to 40% and you can still clock a click rate up to 15% to 20% but just ensure you keep your email short customized personalized and to the point and you will do some fabulous work.

Personalized Email Marketing | futureyan

B. Personalized SMS Marketing:

Now SMS Marketing in most countries is now growing heavily because SMS’s give you an open rate of 30% to 50% percent and a click rate of 10 keep your SMS’s short keep them personalized add a deadline in your SMS’ss and you will still see that SMS’s still done the job.

C. Customize Whatsapp Marketing:

There are lots of WhatsApp marketing tools and lots of WhatsApp marketing APIs available in the market and now WhatsApp is a proper social media platform for business you need to explore WhatsApp because WhatsApp can give you a 100% open rate and a 50% click rate no other platform across any platforms on digital can give you such click rates you need to concentrate on WhatsApp marketing. With this, we go to the end of trends in digital marketing.

Why are these Trends very very important?

These Trends are very important because if you’re not adapting to the change you are gonna be where you are in your journey. So, learn new things and implement it right now because that’s important for your business. 2020 has been a crazy year for me personally because there were a lot of challenges i was seeing a lot of cash crunch.

What are the trends in Digital Marketing?

1. Local SEO
2. Voice Search
3. Interesting Video Ads
4. Chatbots
5. Good Content Still Matters

What are the latest digital trends?

Digital World always go with trends:
1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Edge Computing
3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
4. Internet of Things(IoT)

What are the current trends in marketing?

There are 8 New Digital Marketing Trends that are currently Create hip in the Market:
1. Micro Video
2. Live sessions
3. YouTube Advertisement
4. Co-Crate Content
5. Social Media Influencer
6. Conversational Marketing
7. Voice-Based Search
8. Vocal for Local

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