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Top 5 Programming Languages of Future to learn in 2021

One thing that you should note is that some of the Programming Languages that I’ll be sharing with you guys might already be very popular and will be popular in the future. You can get jobs with it in many companies, while others might be just starting to become successful and in a few month’s time or a year’s time. They will be absolutely top of the industry and you can get jobs with it or even start a company of your own using it. I will be supporting a lot of my points using data from the real world from Stack overflow surveys or just surveys in general and graphs.

5. Swift as top future Programming Languages:

Swift was released by Apple in 2014 and it’s used to develop apps to publish to the app store. Now its predecessor objective C also did the same purpose as swift, but you might be wondering Why is swift just better than objective C? Why did I not put objective C on the list? Well although objective C has been around for a lot longer, a lot of the companies nowadays are switching to Swift because Swift code is generally much easier to maintain and much cleaner. This gives a clear indication that future with Swift Programming Languages will go up and up.

Swift growth | futureyan

If you look at this graph right here, it shows the popularity of objects C and Swift. So Objective C is constantly falling while swift is rising, of course, some tech companies are still unwilling to switch to swift because it would cost a lot of work and a lot of bandwidth but of course, they will have to do that someday.

Being able to develop for Apple which is one of the biggest smartphone companies out there would, of course, earn you a job because a lot of companies are trying to get their app to the ios community and you can be the one to help them build it. This is why the future of Swift Programming Languages getting hip day by day.

4. Java

It’s no surprise that java would make it on the list of Top Programming Languages of Future to learn. If you look at this study right here it’s been at the top nearly for a decade now it’s always been kind of popular. If you don’t know much about Java what can you actually build with it you might ask.

graph of coding | Futureyan

There are mainly two things that java is used for and will we use in future of Programming Languages:

  1. Desktop Application: If you look at some of the biggest apps today, they’re probably built with java, there are of course other languages you can build it with like C++ or C sharp, but java is one of the top choices. For example, a lot of the adobe apps such as Adobe Xd and also even Minecraft java is built with java.
  2. Android Applications: How Swift and Objective C can develop for ios same Java and Kotlin can develop for Android. Kotlin it’s been invented later than java, so you might be wondering why doesn’t kotlin take over java? Why is kotlin not on the list and that’s because java is still used a lot more? Kotlin doesn’t really have anything that much better than java, so companies won’t really want to switch over and java can develop for other things as well whereas Kotlin can really just develop for apps. Most android apps you can find on the Google Play Store are written in Java.

3. Dart(Flutter):

It is another tool for building apps, of course, there’s a lot of apps because apps are going to be the future, they’re very popular. What’s different about this? Well, flutter is actually cross-platform, so instead of having to develop for ios and android with two different codebases, you can actually just write one single code base and which works for ios and android and produces very good graphics and user interface.

Flutter was only released in 2017 which is kind of new before then there are of course other tools that you can build cross-platform apps with, namely the most popular one is probably React Native. It has the same purpose as flutter but i think flutter is better, so do a lot of people. Look at the below Graph showing how future Programming Languages of Flutter is going up.

flutter graph | futureyan

If you look at this survey right here it obviously shows that flutter, at the start it has no popularity but then it’s rapidly growing, it’s maintained by google by the way so it’s, of course, it’s going to have a bright future of Programming Languages. It’s going to keep going and now it has surpassed React Native. Apps made with React Native include Discord, Facebook, and Instagram. Apps made with Flutter include eBay, Google Ads, and Google Stadia apps. Flutter is a lot easier to use and better in many ways, so without doubt companies will start switching to it.

Q. Is flutter going to replace other cross-platform development tools?

Absolutely Yes, Flutter has a lot of built-in widgets and it makes beautiful user interfaces better than other cross-platform developments. But is flutter going to replace native apps so is it going to replace ios swift development on objective C, Java, and Kotlin for android. Is it going to replace them well that still remains a question we don’t know because cross-platform is great but maybe Native apps still perform better, and maybe they still look a bit better that is for the future?

2. Python as top future Programming Languages:

What makes python so great is that it’s actually multi-purpose and it can do a lot of things like Machine Learning, Data Science, and Web Development. For Machine Learning there are also great libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch this is what makes python so great and one of the most demanded libraries in the whole world in terms of jobs. It’s because it has so many different uses in different scenarios. These Programming Languages help you to create a great future in coding.

If you look at this graph right here it’s the same one we use with java python is actually the most popular language in the world and I know this s 2018 but it is true in 2021 too. Python is often considered to be the best language for beginners and I completely agree with that it’s because its syntax is very simple at the start and there are not many concepts you need to learn and you don’t need to learn object-oriented programming or anything which you do have to know for java just as a beginner. The growth of Python shows it has a bright future in Programming Languages.

1. JavaScript

Before I start explaining why javascript is my number one choice just take a look at the setup data. The top three this is the most loved Web web frameworks the top three are React.js, Vue.js, and Express.js they’re actually all javascript-based frameworks. JavaScript is loved by developers to design their web and go with the trends of web design. Now, this is a stack overflow developer survey so it’s pretty accurate as to what the real world is like in the future of Programming Languages.

Top coding lanugauges | futureyan

Think about it the top three are all javascript, so basically if you walk into any companies they’re pretty likely to be using one of them. There are also many JavaScript frameworks that might not be the most loved but are still widely used such, As Angular. I don’t like Angular, I prefer React.js but still it is widely used in big companies such as Google so if you want to work there you must learn it.

The other thing is no matter what kind of website you build, if you want it to be good you basically have to use JavaScript. One big difference that I felt when I was learning JavaScript as my second language Python being my first was that in javascript you can immediately get into a project, that’s actually good.

As a beginner in a language like Python you kind of all of your projects, at the beginning are probably going to be command-line based so it’s just going to be black and white text on a command line on your terminal which isn’t all that exciting. Whereas in JavaScript you can immediately get into some kind of web development. With this, we come to the end of the Top 5 Programming Languages of the future to learn in 2021.

Q1. Which is the best programming languages for future?

List of Top 5 Programming Languages of the future:
1. JavaScript
2. Python
3. Dart(Flutter)
4. Java
5. Swift

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