As increasing in population and technology it is important to use modern technology in agriculture. The role of technology plays very significant in agriculture in the form of increased production, biological, resolve chemo-physical, and others.


Agriculture is a sector that provides food to human beings. It takes place important because over 28% of global employment generates and the second greatest source of employment more than 1.35 billion people work over the agriculture sector.

Technology covers the agricultural sector form the last few decent to farm smarter and better. Technology because familiar with the farmers that allow farmers to more efficiently work on their crops.

It highly help for farmers in an area like productivity cost with the support of modern agriculture technology.

Use of Modern Technology in Agriculture

1. Farm Machines:

Early the farmers use labor in the production process or we can say the livestock which increases the cost of the product but how it is replaced by the farm machines like tractors, robotic harvesters, and seeding robots.

Farm Machines | FutureYan

Now with the help of modern technology in production process agriculture decrease cost and increase the effective cultivation. These technologies enable farmers to produce more with less labor.

Future of farm machines looking brighter because as technology increase the problem of agricultural works starts decreasing and increase the maintenance, effective and healthy crop production.

2.Sensors for Crops:

Today time, smart sensors available that can read everything from crop health to essential nitrogen levels in the water. Sensors technology is also available to measure the electrical conductivity of soil, organic matter content, and ground floor.

This equipment having the most immediate effect in soil and water sensors, which results in more efficient use of resources and lowered costs. The use of crop sensors make it easier for farmers to apply fertilizers and pesticides effectively just as much as the needs of the crop.

It is also helpful in the manner of when it placed on the farm, their detection will facilitate the farmers in planning on the watering schedule and help the farmers for a better plan with came out through a report of detected form sensors.

The use of fertilizer can also decide with the help of these sensors and the farmers can manage the available resources in the most efficient way.

3. Livestock Farming:

Livestock takes importance in traditional farming many processes of cultivation had done through the help of animals and also helpful for the farmers in the non-cultivation time period.

Livestock Farming | FutureYan

The Livestock farming provides much needed renewable, natural resources that we rely on every day. With the development in technology, it resolves the many problems of livestock and help the farmers like tracking and managing livestock much easier and data-driven. Earlier livestock farming is known as dairy, farms, business of poultry farms, cutting meats, and cattle rancher.

Livestock technology impact on increasing productivity and health of animals like with the help of sensors to monitors health and behavior and detecting sick animals. This technology improves production while reducing environmental impacts.

4. Artificial Intelligence:

With the rising of the Digital Agriculture sector, it opens a wealth of new data opportunities. Artificial Intelligence tools entering the new technology it opens windows to reach solutions based data that indicates weather conditions, type of soil most suitable.

Artificial Intelligence | FutureYan

This information allows farmers to gain a better knowledge of the situation of the ground. Artificial Intelligence uses in the form of robots which is started using by farmers. They perform take ranges from processing the seeds to planting.

Productivity increase and done inefficient maintenance other benefits is a decrease in the cost of labor. GPS is greatly used in the farming time.

5. Use GPS in Field:

GPS is becoming a must suitable technology in agriculture. The main purpose of GPS is to allow farmers to work at zero visibility cases. Zero visibility says that it viewing the farm during rain, darkness, fog, and dust.

GPS gives a major advantage to farms in the form of using robots in the cultivation process they can work over the field with the help of GPS at every condition. It helps in-

  • Tractors Guidance
  • Crop Scouting
  • Farm Planning
  • Field Mapping
  • Soil Sampling

Impact of Modern Technology in Agriculture

Agriculture or Any other sector everything is continuously changing very fast from the last few decent because of the introduction of new technologies.

Adopting agriculture technology management in the agriculture field helps several opportunities to grow and can significantly improve agriculture services and contribute to its continued and systematic innovation. It impact in agriculture-

  • Higher crop productivity
  • Increased worker safety
  • Reduce ground and water pollution
  • Decrease the use of water and pesticides
  • Accurately apply chemicals and fertilizers by reducing over-application and under-application errors.
  • Increase product quality
  • Reduced impact on natural ecosystems

Modern Technology in Agriculture educates many weak points of agriculture while the cultivation of crops it can be decreased or end up through these technologies.

For small scale farmers, it is a challenge to adopt modern technology because it needs huge investment by they can knowledge themselves with few modern technologies which can help them in the production process like chemical use and optimization of livestock, etc.

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