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How Tesla Is Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

How Tesla the world leader in Electronic Vehicles is using Artificial Intelligence?

As a company, Tesla is much more of a technology company than a traditional car manufacturer, and this is why they’re doing so well. They’re leveraging things like Artificial Intelligence and everything they’re doing and one of the key goals for tesla is to make their cars autonomous, and obviously, we use artificial intelligence to make this happen so the car will interpret images from the machine vision cameras and the sensors around them to be able to drive by itself.

In order to do this, we need to train those Algorithms and we need to collect the right data to help train these Algorithms and these AI’s. So what Tesla is doing very well is it’s basically crowdsourcing all of this data from the 1 million-plus vehicles that are now on there on the roads or the tesla cars and what it does is will monitor using lots of sensors inside and externally to the car to monitor what the car is doing but also what the driver is doing, even where we’re touching the steering wheel what we’re touching in inside the car.

To collect all of this data and to then learn from it, and their approach is basically what they term Imitation Learning where we have these algorithms that basically learn from what collectively all these millions of drivers around the world are doing and how they’re reacting to things. There are other car companies that use Synthetic data for example, or they use video game data from things like Grand Theft Auto(GTA).

What tesla has that has these million vehicles on the road that are generating these massive amounts of real-world data. What do they want to do is? They want to improve their machine vision capabilities, so they want to be able to recognize objects, they’re training their algorithms to make better predictions so really understand and anticipate the next movements of pedestrians and cyclists and what other cars might be doing. Then wants to use this to plan their own planning and their own route to decide to do, should we stay in line in the lane, should we overtake cars should we stop now and so on.

This is why Tesla has such a competitive advantage when it comes to self-driving cars at the moment because it has this data and has the ability to use this data very effectively to improve the potential of self-driving, but it is also going far beyond this tesla is a company that now tries to use artificial intelligence in every part of their organization. So they’re using this now in their charging processes they are using this in their solar energy distribution and so on so a great case study of a company that has really had a vision that actually data and ai will be the key competitive forces for any company in the future.

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