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The Web world added the lists of thousands of websites and millions of active web users because of this Future of Web Development takes importance. Nowadays, Every business wants to be online because for any business a website matters more than anything when it comes to reaching out to customers online.


Who is Web Development?

A web developer is a person who makes web design and required functionalities according to the request of the client and product team and turns it into a website.

Web developers and designers bring their technical skills and experience to create exclusive websites that are capable of attracting the crowd. A web developer holds an important role in a company for the online trading.

Most web developers and designers are familiar with the latest tools, technologies, techniques, and frameworks that will help them to build gorgeous websites in a short time period.

Web development requires a lot of effort and time along with an intricate understanding of how various components of the web development work to stay ahead from your competitors.

What is the Future of Web Development?

With the approximate data, we can assume that web development is one of the rapid growth industry.

  • There are almost 200 million websites considered active right now out of 1.5billion sites in the world.

These days, every business realizes the needs of having a website and putting efforts to design and develop the best site for taking its own products or services online.

What is the Future of Web Development | Fututeyan

The web development industry is constantly evolving every day. The prediction in web development also goes with the trends and trends are popup very quickly.

Some predictions of future of web development:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Internet of Things(IoT)
  3. Chatbots
  4. Accelerate Mobile Pages(AMP)
  5. Interactivity
  6. Voice Command

1. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence does not need to introduce in the future of web development. Most of the companies are already implementing Artificial Intelligence to meet their needs.

Artificial Intelligence | Futureyan

Artificial Intelligence scans the surrounding environment and adjusts its own operations based on the collected information. The demand for Artificial Intelligence has become more significant nowadays as it helps to reduce human efforts and solve challenging problems.

Artificial Intelligence helps the web development through holds the entire functionality of various development areas by reading manual intervention in your business.

Artificial Intelligence technology adopted by the developers very fast because of dynamic changes in the technological world.

2. Internet of Things(IoT):

The Internet of Things is a technology that is emerging at a faster rate than imagined. Now web development is not directly linked with the Internet of Things, but it will soon be involved in developing web applications that are needed for analysis and data for their operations.

Internet of Things | Futureyan

Internet of Things used in web development because in the future it makes our lives in management easy and efficient. Internet of Things is made possible thanks to cloud connectivity. Internet of Things allows us to collect and store the data of physical objects in the web space.

3. Chatbots:

Chatbots is a great invention by the developer because most people claim they would like to be served by a real person. Chatbots will also influence trends in web design. Chatbots establish to helps the customer and enhance customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence is directly connected with chatbots and Artificial Intelligence chatbots are virtual assistance that can engage in business and transform social interactions. Chatbots become popular in every internet-connected device.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP):

Accelerated Mobile Pages refers to the pages or web design that are building mobile-friendly. Accelerated Mobile Pages is used to improve the performance of web content while working on user experience and increase websites speed.

With the introduction of 4G and 5G lunch, most brands choose to develop native apps to make any user experience better for that Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin gives companies a chance to save cost on UX and reach users with any internet speed.

5. Interactivity:

Interactivity reflect the user durability in the websites, in a serve 70% of the users go back because of unattractive theme. It is the duty of the developer to develop things in a more convenient and more interactive.

Interactivity enrolls users interaction in the form of text and chooses their preference with an understandable, attractive, and simply click to button.

Every organization wants to give gorgeous interaction in which competitors are not giving end also make online platform user-friendly.

6.Voice Command:

Voice Command technology is not new in the market but it recently become popular. In the future of web development, voice command plays a vital role in it.

Voice Command | Futureyan

Voice search is one of the fastest-growing trends in SEO that grab the major attention of the consumer.

  • 1 out of 5 queries on google is search through voice

For better understanding, we can say Siri in iPhones is the best example of Voice command technology.

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