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Future of Cloud Computing and Cloud storage is looking brighter as we see today most of the things connect digitally to Cloud computing.

Cloud computing generates curiosity and interest around the world. For Business operations, every company needs cloud computing and cloud storage.


Cloud computing is an unstoppable trend in the IT industry in the future. All IT experts agree that cloud computing and cloud storage will be at the forefront of all technologies to solve major business challenges.

Cloud computing is not a new innovation but from the last few years, it adopted by business organization fastly over 85% of businesses use Cloud services for there development of business.

Business operators allowed to move customers data to the Cloud. The global cloud services valued between 2018 to 2022 from, USD 216 to USD 468. Every industry wants to up to date with the technology or trends which are present in the market and cloud computing is favorable trends for the business organization that is why they adopt it very fastly.

One of the important Cloud computing will be an organized process and a better way of processing data. Company data is the most sensible thing for the business and also important that where this data get more secure.


1.Hybrid or Multi-Cloud solution:

Hybrid or Multi-cloud refers to using a combination of the private cloud and third-party public cloud services. Hybrid cloud offers benefits to both public and private clouds.

It gives greater flexibility to work between both the cloud solution. It is primarily used to allow workload to move between private and public clouds.

Cloud users can protect their important data by storing it at the private cloud and use the public cloud for general data. In current times we see a growing number of companies adopting Hybrid or Multi-cloud.

It predicted that by 2025, 94% of companies plan to use hybrid or multi-cloud computing. Highly reputed companies like Amazon and Microsoft are already investing heavily in hybrid or multi-cloud computing as a product.

It is because business required multi-cloud solutions in the way to run efficiently and effectively. Hybrid or multi-cloud is beneficial because it is cost-saving and mitigates the risk of business loss.

2. Serverless Technology Increase:

Cloud Technology has many advantages and serverless is one of them such as the spinning of extra resources and the flexible pay for use consumption model. A serverless technology removes the maximum number of barriers that IT companies usually bring.

The biggest advantage of serverless is that it enables developers to focus on their product instead of worrying about managing and operating servers. The concept of serverless technology relates to the fact that it facilitates the cloud to execute a code snippet without any hurdles for the developers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has already started using the serverless paradigm to own benefits.

3. Internet of Things(IoT):

Today’s time the internet becomes the most suitable object for everything because we live in the world of Internet Of Things(IoT). Internet of Things developing by growing cloud computing and its and innovations around the real-time analytics of data.

Internet of Things | FutureYan

This Internet of Everything (IoE) plays a major role in the development of cloud computing. IoE is a form of IoT where the internet focus on machine-to-machine communication, process, and data.

IoT functions as collecting data from different devices with a remote device configuration and smart devices management. This IoT provides faster and the ability to receive and deliver that data quickly.

4. Cloud Security:

As growing in Cloud computing and the volume of global data will hit 175 zettabytes by 2025. This data is really important and the hackers also looking for this data because Cloud security is becoming a crucial part for all organizations.

Cloud Security | FutureYan

There is a growing need to offers advanced security in order to keep business secure. Many organizations think that cloud providers must also be responsible to provide cloud security but the company should have to respond to secure there own data.

Organizations want that cloud providers to provide better security measures opening balance ways to prevent Cyber attacks.

5. Artificial Intelligence also play role:

Artificial Intelligence becomes an important aspect for every business to grow in technological trends. By using, Artificial Intelligence computing platforms are starting to increase their efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a part of the cloud computing trend by which a business can function smoothly and increase efficiency. Artificial Intelligence learns in the cloud and applies the knowledge gained to real-life problems.

By Artificial Intelligence many things become possible like, response to voice commands immediately categorize photos according to content. Artificial Intelligence takes many decisions through on self which reduces the time consuming of the business.

6. Automation:

Automation is a beneficial tool for helps business organizations to improve their productivity without spending too much time and effort.

Automation | FutureYan

Automation tools can help companies to produce with the same resource strength and can reduce errors. Developers can also use automation to case off effort required in tedious activities.

Developers can make changes to their websites hosted on the cloud. If anything goes wrong they can restore the earlier version of the websites without affecting the sales process or user experience. This is the end of FUTURE OF CLOUD COMPUTING.

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