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Future of Blogging

What will be the Future of Text Content and Blogging?

I wouldn’t say blogging will die anytime soon, if not I would not even say textual content will die anytime soon because there are different ways that people prefer to consume content and one of them is text and the way the reason why people want to consume textual content is that it’s a very personalized experience for people when they read textual content. They create their whole story in their head, they create their own visualizations in their head and that is a very personal experience for them compared to a video or audio. Now, do you really think the Future of blogging going anywhere?

When you see of video you have to consume it in a particular manner, alone you know the way it is you consume it I like to do it. So which is why you might see a lot of people saying that books are Waiver to that movies. Yeah you know that is the reason why people say that because they create a very personalized experience in their head, the kind of story that they build, the kind of visualization that they build in their head is very different and it is going to stay on for a very long time.

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More importantly, you can skim through textual content you can’t do that with video content because, if you skim through video content you’ll miss out on all the important things and the text makes it very easy to skim and go back to wherever. If you want to like go back and read in-depth you can also do that if you don’t want to read in-depth you can just want to skim content you can still do that and it’s going to be there for a very very long I would say as long as human civilization is going to exist you. This says the Future of Blogging is secure.

Will Blogging Died?

Well, the Future of blogging is not going anywhere but still many people having doubts that it worth starting in 2021, yes it still worth nothing is changed except the competition and the interests of the users.

Nowadays everything related to the search of users is available in the video format on YouTube also people spending more hours on Instagram, and Facebook, and Snapchat. So this shows that more amount of traffic will go towards the video content. Research it shown that in upcoming years the 80% of the internet traffic is on YouTube. But with this, there also increase in the new internet users.

In 2018-19 more than 2.1 Billion searches had done with 45% no click sites but in 2019-20 more than 5 billion searches done with 65% no click sites, it doesn’t mean Blogging is dead because if see the number of searches increases and now sites getting more with respect to increase in searches. In 2018-19 click sites were 1.1 billion and in 2019-20 click sites increase to 1.7 billion which represents that blogging is not going anywhere. This means the blogging future is not going anywhere.

Future of Blogging | futureyan

So you have to focus on your blogging content and it’s a business model. There are some points in my opinion that you can try for the safety of your blogging in the future.

1.Try to post about single aspect.

2. Work on micro niche blog.

3. Affiliate product website.

4.Work on SEO and keywords ranking.

5. Create social media Pages on every platform.

6.Design courses or anything that you can sell through you blog.

7.Create YouTube channel to drive traffic to your blog.

8.Try to write on evergreen topic.

9.Update your posts if they needed.

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