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5 Mobile Apps Trends in 2021

Mobile plays a vital role in our life because this makes an important prospect to see those Mobile Apps Trends In 2021. There are 5 Mobile Apps Trends that we are going to see in 2021.

Mobile Apps Trends in 2021-

  1. Internet of Things or IoT
  2. 5g Technology
  3. Augmented Reality
  4. Mobile Payments
  5. Wearables

1. Internet of Things or IoT:

Internet of Things(IoT) is mainly just devices in your household, mainly those like your fridge or your microwave, your thermostat, the locking your door, the alarm system in your home. Nowadays when you go and purchase these devices they most likely connect to your wi-fi, you have an app that you can access them through your phone, and it’s becoming the new norm when it comes to shaping these type of devices.

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They say that is increasing 14% every single year, so as the years go by there’s gonna be a wi-fi connection or device for pretty much everything in your home. These devices are not only just for the household but also automobiles like in your tesla, also has their own IoT devices any healthcare devices, and of course just the everyday household items. IoT devices are always on top as Mobile Apps Trends in 2021 and so on.

2. 5g Technology as Mobile Apps Trends in 2021:

This whole thing has gotten a huge battery rep because of the bad things going to happen once 5g is implemented, but the reality is 5g is a huge improvement when it comes to speed across your phone, across all devices. They’re saying that by the year 2021 there’s going to be 15% times more 5g devices than before. For example, the iPhone 12 is not coming with 5g capability. So you’re not going to have speeds that are much faster and I believe it’s 100 times faster than 4g which is what most phones now are capable of using.

5g techolnology | Futureyan | Mobile Apps Trends in 2021

Besides that by the year 2021, there’s going to be Global that, so it’s insane to think of all these devices are going to be online all using 5g and all these telecommunication companies are now ready to withstand all that traffic. It’s interesting to think about and also for those of you guys that want to create an app, you can think of features you can add on that will no longer be limited because of the slow speeds on 4g or 3g. Because now 5g will allow you to unload a lot more content or features fast on your app because of this Mobile Apps Trends in 2021 growth fast and fast.

3. Augmented Reality:

This has been a lot around for a long time mainly for games, mainly for back then when Snapchat came out and you have their own filters and Instagram photos for your face visit. Those are cool applications of AR but to take it a step further a lot of big companies, for example, L’oreal has now their own app that you can see how the makeup looks on you before without having to go to the store. I know Warby Parker though the company sells glasses they have an app too you can see how the glasses look on your face without even leaving your home, and that applies to google maps also has a live view you can see a live view of the street.

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There are also training programs for enterprises there’s, 20 programs for the workforce, for the travel industry too and lastly for furniture, Ikea also has its own app that you can see how the furniture is going to look like in your home or wherever you want to place it.

It’s pretty cool technologies and to get a bit more deeply into the tech side of things, on the ios side they have something called the ARkit and on the android side they have something called the ARCore which makes the experience a lot more immersive, a lot more allows for better optimization and stability. This is all only increasing as the years go by, So AR is gonna be something very important as the year’s progress in Mobile Apps Trends in 2021.

4. Mobile Payments as Mobile Apps Trends in 2021:

I’m sure most of you already have your Apple pay set up, or your google pay set up, or even using your Samsung pay, there are so many different infrastructures with mobile payments already implemented that make purchasing online much easier without you having to take out your credit card every single time. Besides that, it’s also a lot more secure, so when you purchase something on apple pay you can just use your face id to verify that it’s you and not just as it was before with the credit card, they can just type in your credit card number and charge your card.

These mobile payments allow for there to be a lot more security, they also say that they are doubling every single year. Every year there are more people using mobile payments or their mobile platforms as opposed to credit cards which are even pretty cool to see that progressing too.

Lastly, the number one app that uses these type of payments is a Starbucks app, it is the most widely used app when it comes to the coupon, and the loyalty program people use the Starbucks app to purchase all types of products and gifts that they give out in the app. That’s one of the big use cases when it comes to having mobile payments on your app. You should have mobile payments as a standard on every single app because it’s just much better and a much better experience for the user when they want to purchase something.

5. Wearables as Mobile Apps Trends in 2021:

If you have an apple watch, or you have a Fitbit, or you have some type of beacon tracker, or some other fitness type band these are new technologies that have are now getting better and better as the years go by. People are now making apps specifically for those devices like apps only for the apple watch for to track better fitness things, to attract better health diagnostics, or anything. Wearables can be controlled by Apps so it is really important to see whats mobile trends it’s going to be in 2021.

Mobile Apps Trends in 2021 | Wearables  | FUTUREYAN

If you think of an app to create think beyond just the phone, think about the watch too because that’s a whole nother industry that’s going to pop up and become one of the dominant players. Those are the top 5 Mobile Apps Trends in 2021 technologies that you should think about we wanted to create your next app.

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