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15 Predictions of Future of Social Media

Social media is not going anywhere according to new surveys and reports which means the future is bright. Almost 42 percent of the world’s population have at least one social media account.

In the near future, there are going to be more platforms to connect people with the same are common interests whether they are neighbors, entrepreneurs, shoppers, parents, or teenagers. Adverse effects of social media have also been seen during the past years User breaches and data and cyberbullying are the latest examples despite all of this.

What is the Future of Social Media?

We have the top 10 predictions for the future of social media number

  • Social Shopping
  • Voice Search Gets Boom
  • YouTube Influencers
  • Social Media Storytelling
  • Wearable Technology
  • Market Innovation
  • Social Media Videos
  • Facebook Down
  • Instagram rocks
  • Generation Z

1. Social Shopping:

Social platforms are being used for sales by advertisers and companies nearly 25% of sales are happening through Facebook and 40% of the products are generating the business through the rest of the social media platforms.

It is evident that social platforms influential people are going to buy and studies show that 30% of consumers are fully connected with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to purchase their items. It shows that more than a satisfying number of consumers are enjoying the experience of social shopping. So social media will always be changing your life will get a shift from simply posting your pictures on Instagram and Facebook to disseminating.

2. Voice Search Gets Boom:

We all of us in many ways have asked Siri, Google is Alexa many awkward questions with due respect the voice search market grew to its peak by 187%. In the second half of 2018, it is expected that the market will grow in 2019 and will double in the year 2020.

You are thinking that why is it so important for us social media users? So here’s the thing all the mainstream social media platforms already show up when you search for something on search engines related to the specific social media platform for example instead of searching by Pizza online through our search you can jump to where can I eat pizza nearby? Amazing and easy. Yes, it is amazing in the near future we anticipate social media networks to start the trend of voice search into their branding strategies.

3. YouTube Influencers:

YouTube influencers is YouTube a piece of work? Yes, it has become a huge and top-quality platform for content creators and social media influencers.

Influencer marketing and branding are efficient but vloggers on YouTube or the people who are reaching more audiences in getting the most of the sponsorships. There are speculations in the air that marketers are going to invest heavily in these businesses. Here’s a fact that average brands pay 2,000 per 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. So be ready this is the future of social media.

4. Social Media Storytelling:

Social Media Storytelling to engage more audiences into their content. Social media enthusiasts are going to meet core techniques of storytelling in the year 2018. The art of storytelling was only used by influencers, bloggers, and websites.

Storytelling nowadays is also being used by brands and marketers to bring social change into society and individual life. According to a study when a brand our company supports the social or environmental cause 90% to 95% of consumers will have positive images about the company. So we can all hope to see more storytelling, more personal engagement, and content creation in the upcoming year.

5. Wearable Technology:

The future of wearable technology is here despite all the hazards it is here to stay smartwatches tend to have small screens and will be able to complete small tasks. Finally using these tiny objects there will be more precise and specific voice searches by the users during this regime. For now, it is unpredictable when and how this wearable technology will be used but we can see that this technology will be mainstream soon and will likely face a lot of competition in the market and this technology has a lot more to offer than people think.

6. Market Innovation:

The next generation of users is going to change everything about social media in every way possible. This is going to be big about the future of social media and global connectivity. Facebook predicts that by the year 2020 more people are going to have mobile phones.

Many brand entrepreneurs and marketers across the globe are getting online, going past the old ways to reach their target audience. Instagram has been very instrumental to provide brands with an adequate environment. We’ll see digital communication in more efficient ways after the launching of IGTV on Instagram.

It has opened the doors for vloggers influencers and content creators to connect their audience in a more efficient manner. With this affiliate marketing also increase.

7. Social Media Videos:

Social Media Videos in the near future the major instrument drivers for the business is going to be the videos. It is evident anybody with the social connectivity sense can observe the major growth and potential of videos in the chaotic world of social media as more users will be online.

By the next year more development in this area is expected live video messages, live streaming on social media Vlog you and snippets from daily life are going to be the future. So be ready vlogging has been mainstream for a long time on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to be in the real game of social media.

Every entrepreneur marketer and brand will need to adopt this strategy in the upcoming promising years all you will need to be doing is be confident to stand in front of a camera and have the art of storytelling.

8. Facebook Down:

The past years really haven’t been the dearest fair Mark Zuckerberg with all of the data breaches and zero innovations. It has really failed for us users but don’t get upset with this Facebook marketing has got all the opportunities for business holders.

It is predicted that brands are going to take Facebook as a marketing tool rather than connecting people the social media site has already been declared as old-school by the new social media generation in many ways in their of the view that Instagram is more promising than Facebook in every aspect of the future.

9. Instagram rocks:

In 2018 we all knew that Instagram is here to stay and will give a tough competition to its competitors.

A study shows that Instagram is the king of engagement with a billion active users. It’s Instagram uses more screen time this will increase its value there are over billions of likes on Instagram every day and each post is getting 23 percent of engagement that its competitor Facebook kids many Instagram trends blow the minds of users but with the launch of IGTV, the vertical video app is suitable for Instagram videos it is observed that users are paying more attention than IGTV videos of brands and entrepreneurs so expect nothing but good from Instagram.

10. Generation Z:

Generation Z belongs to all of those people who are born around the mid-90s this generation is entering very swiftly into the consumer space somehow we have all grown up during the development phase of digital technology many of us are using digital mediums to kill time, and the rest of us are using the technologies to actually connect to our social circles so apparently it will become tough for marketers and advertisers to reach the proper audience in a meaningful and entertaining way the audience is diverse people need change every day they want something charismatic happening over the social media at every single moment.

Social Media Predictions for 2021 And Continue in Future

2021 going to see amazing after the pass of covid-19 and because of this virus Social media gone to fare and future of it going surprisable.

1. Short Form Video:

We saw this rise incredibly in 2020, prior to that it was the trend was long-form so IGTV watching feature-length content on your phones but now the quicker the more engaging the better TikTok has certainly played a role in the rise of the short-form video later the launch of Instagram reels we saw that happen how can you grab someone’s attention in 30 seconds or less.

Content and advertising disguised as content needs to grab the attention of someone on their phone quickly some quick tips I’ll give you right now get right to the point use captivating visuals and finally know your audience know exactly what they’ll want and what they’ll respond to short-form video is definitely a trend we’ll be seeing more of throughout 2021.

2. Advocacy:

It’s certainly a social media behavior that’s spilling over from 2020 to 2021 people want to stand for something throughout. The turbulent year let’s call it that of 2020, we saw people take a stand on social media or rather social issues like race, gender, political issues, environmental issues.

This has meant that people who’ve not normally actively posted about these things are now doing. So using social media followings big and small to take a stance and of course, brands have followed the same behavior eager to show support for causes and not just a few brands many of them. In fact, most of the brands now and in the future personal brands or company, brands should give some thought to how they can do good through their content and visible support this is the time to speak up.

3. Live video:

Now we’re gonna move on to our next trend live video. It was wild to see how popular this became Instagram live specifically when people were stuck at home or in self-quarantine. The new normal live video like Instagram live allows aid-type personalities to share ideas and connect rather with fans and followers from the comfort of their own homes.

But I would also argue that it’s an efficient way to create content no need to fuss with cameras lighting editing and every other complication literally you just hit go live on your phone and instantly connect and interact with your audience people especially love to be noticed and acknowledged. So not only is live video on platforms like Facebook youtube or Instagram but also q a’s particularly on Instagram. In this case, it enables the broadcaster to put a question on the screen in the interest of time.

4. Social Commerce:

What does this mean using social media to drive E-commerce purchases it’s not a new concept but we’ve got a better infrastructure to support this now thanks to platform updates in an effort to keep up with the times take Instagram shops.

It’s handy for retailers to have that process integrated directly on the app it is crazy to think that now over half of the world are now using social media and it’s only fitting that users are able to shop directly on social media platforms.

5. Personalization:

The context of advertising is it just me or are our phones listening to us i could talk about something in person that i want to buy and i feel like, if i show any amount of interest a brand or a product online it Pops Up and then i start to see it over and over again.

Personalized marketing is not a new concept but it becomes so personalized that it’s kind of scary brands are becoming masters at the art and the science of using data to market very specifically to their target demographics.

Social media has a lot of data on our likes, dislikes, purchasing, behavior, and more. If you’ve seen the NetFlix documentary the social dilemma, if not I recommend watching it. It shows the darker side of this stuff it is really very real and people need to be informed expect in the future to see very tailored offers ads products suggestions and more on that positive note. These 5 Trends we are going to see in Social Media in Upcoming Future.

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